Broken Bells / The Ghost Inside (official alt version)

3 min – music video – 2010

Official ‘alt-version’ music video, featuring Hall & Oates!

“Earlier this year, the video for Broken Bells’ — a.k.a. Danger Mouse and the Shins’ James Mercer — “The Ghost Inside” made a bit of a splash, thanks to the presence of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks as some kind of futuristic space android. Now Vulture’s proud to premiere Broken Bells’ alternate video for the same song, which makes up for what it’s lacking in beloved contemporary television actresses with just a whole bunch of Hall & Oates.

Wait, what? The backstory: Filmmaker and friend of the band Matt McCormick says the clapping in “The Ghost Inside” reminded him of Hall & Oates “Private Eyes,” so he “looked up the ‘Private Eyes’ video on YouTube and realized that song structure and tempo was pretty darn close to that of ‘Ghost Inside,’ and from there just started playing around with syncing up the visuals from the ‘Private Eyes’ video with ‘The Ghost Inside.” Then he superimposed James Mercer’s mouth on the face of Mr. Daryl Hall and called it a day. Check out the bewildering, mesmerizing result above.”

-Vulture Magazine

Broken Bells
“The Ghost Inside”
Sony Music

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