The Great Northwest (Bluray DVD)

70 minutes – 2012 – first printing limited to 100 units

PURCHASE : available only on BLURAY - $29.95 personal / $75 institution

“The Great Northwest retraces a 3,400-mile road trip taken by four single thirtysomething women back in 1958—think On the Road meets an Eisenhower-era Sex and the City. McCormick found the women’s hyper-detailed travel journal at a thrift store and set off in their footsteps and tire tracks 53 years later, juxtaposing shots of the journal (photos, motel receipts, national and state park passes) with present-day shots of the same sweeping vistas. There’s a melancholy tinge to the piece: Where kitschy, old-school motor lodges once stood, a U.S. Bank branch now crowds alongside a supermarket and parking lot, and you wonder what happened to the women themselves.  These emotional undercurrents, along with spectacular cinematography and wisely restrained storytelling, make The Great Northwest a film that will awe—and quite possibly choke up—anyone who loves the green-tinted paradise we call home.”

Richard Speer, The Willamette Week

Some Days are Better than Others DVD

93 minutes – Palisades Tartan – 2010

PURCHASE : available on high definition Blu-Ray disk or standard DVD

“Matt McCormick has translated song into cinema, where tone and feeling supersede plot and arc. No doubt some viewers will not know how to react to the muted moments of the film, but for those willing to sit back and watch the verses unfold, it is a lilting, beautiful melody to behold.”
Leslie-Stonebraker, New York Press

From Tugboats to Polar Bears (DVD)

85 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 12 – DVD – 2004

PURCHASE : $19.95 (Personal use) / $75.00 (Academic use)

Portland filmmaker and Peripheral Produce ring-leader Matt McCormick makes films that combine found and original sounds and images to fashion abstract and witty observations of contemporary culture. In his recent documentary Towlines, which features an original soundtrack by James Mercer, Matt explores the role of the tugboat in modern society, while in American Nutria he examines the plight of an imported species and chastises capitalism’s tendency to create its own disasters. The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal makes the observation that the process of destroying one art form unwittingly creates another, while The Vyrotonin Decision, created with scraps of 16mm television clips from the early 70’s, reflects on some the advertising world’s more embarrassing moments. Matt’s work has screened in film festivals, galleries, and d.i.y. art spaces around the globe, and his film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal was named as one of the ‘Top 10 Films of 2002’ by both The Village Voice and Art Forum magazine.

Matt has also worked and collaborated with several artists and musicians, including The Shins, Miranda July, The Postal Service, Avalon Kalin, and Calvin Johnson. DVD includes Towlines (2004), Grounded (2004), American Nutria (2003), Past and Pending (2003), The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal (2001), Going to the Ocean (2001), The Vyrotonin Decision (1999) and Sincerely, Joe P. Bear (1999)


(Archival / Various Artists) – 140 minutes – Other Cinema – DVD – 2005

PURCHASE : $24.95 (Personal use)

What The 70s Really Looked Like, Curated by Matt McCormick and Morgan Currie, is a media-archaeological treasure trove of 16mm commercials, PSA’s, and TV ephemera from that delirious decade of polyester and smiley faces. From the classic iconography of the Marlboro Man to the absurd pitches for Jack LaLanne’s “Glamour Stretchers”, this outrageously retro review of funky, clunky clips offers more than campy fun. In fact, it allows us precious insight into a lost, impossibly innocent world of fondly remembered looks, styles, and attitudes, from way back in the good ol’ 20th Century. (plus) 70s Remix, Curated by Craig Baldwin and Noel Lawrence. The B-side of our disc is an amazing display of “recombinant” editing and audio design. Six of today’s savviest celluloid scavengers take disposable industrial and educational films, and recycle them into uncanny collages, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Very Stereo

CD/Vinyl – 2007

PURCHASE : Marriage Records

A collection of songs, soundtracks, and other recordings made by Matt McCormick and released by Marriage Records, available on CD and double vinyl.

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