sing for sunshine

interactive video installation
single channel- video projection and microphone



single channel video loop
projected with interference
2:30 / 2012 More

The Great Northwest (Installation) *

single channel video/photography/ephemera

The Great Northwest is a video and photo installation based on the re-creation of a 3,200 mile road-trip made in 1958 by four Seattle women who thoroughly documented their journey in an elaborate scrapbook of photos, postcards, and brochures…


Very Stereo (MUSIC)

Music and soundscapes by Matt McCormick

Very Stereo is a collection of songs, soundtracks, and other recordings.


Satellites (Installation)

HD video – 55 minute loop / 4 channel / silent – 2008

a four-channel HD video installation commissioned by The Nines Hotel that dissects and observes the geometrical structure of Portland’s Fremont Bridge.  Satellites features over 40 shots filmed precisely at dusk over a three-month period. More

Western Edge (Installation)

16mm transferred to digital video – single channel with sound – 2007

The first installation piece from the future so bright series, which surveys abandoned spaces in the american west, western edge is a cinematic exploration of abandoned boom-towns, pioneer homes, and ghost towns.

Motor Hotel (Installation)

16mm transferred to digital video – two channel video loop with sound – 2007

A cinematic roadtrip along the forgotten stretches of Route 66 and similar highways that were cut-off and disconnected with the completion of the US Interstate freeway system. part of the future so bright series, which surveys abandoned spaces in the american west.

Ride a Wave to Tomorrow’s Sunset (Installation)

DVD / two channel video and sound loop – 2006

A two-channel video recreation of a trip to the beach. synthetic meditation.

The Rails Project (Installation)

Multi-projector + Soundscape installation – In progress

A multichannel video and sound installation that explores repeating images and horizontal motion.


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