Film + Video

Buzz One Four

HD / 2017 / 60 min

Crashed planes, lost nuclear bombs, and an Air Force cover-up: a filmmaker unpacks the secret history of how his grandfather nearly blew-up the eastern seaboard.


The Great Northwest

70 minutes / HD / 2012

An experimental documentary based on the re-creation of a 3,200 mile road-trip made in 1958 by four Seattle women who thoroughly documented their journey in an elaborate scrapbook…


Some Days are Better than Others

HD/35mm – 93 minutes – 2010

a feature film by Matt McCormick, featuring James Mercer and Carrie Brownstein.

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal

16mm/Digital video – 16 minutes – 2001

Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists who are unconscious of their artistic achievements.

Broken Bells / The Ghost Inside (official alt version)

3 min – music video – 2010

a funny homage to Hall and Oats, co-directed with Bryan Boyce.  James Mercer provides the ‘stunt mouth.’


The Shins: Australia

4 minutes – 2007

This music video for The Shins takes inspiration from the ’80s classic A-Team television series and features the members of the band liberating a bunch of balloons from the dreary tethers of a used car lot.

Eluvium: the Motion Makes Me Last

5 minutes – 2010

a music video for Eluvium, from the album Similes.


future so bright

23 minutes / 16mm transferred to HD / 2010

Future So Bright is a documentation and mapping project that creatively catalogs abandoned spaces in the American West. More

The Shins: The Past and Pending

5 minutes 30 seconds – co-directed with Greg Brown – 2003

In this music video for The Shins, a young man and a grand-fatherly figure drive through the country side taking snap-shots of the passing landscapes.


a message from the leader

3 x 30 seconds – 2006

a series of global warming PSAs for MTV, produced through Wieden & Kennedy.


Patton Oswalt: Werewolves and Lollipops

30 seconds – 2007 – Sub Pop Records

Written by Patton Oswalt / directed, shot, and edited by Matt McCormick / graphics by Bryan Boyce. WARNING: DO NOT EAT YOUR OWN FACE!


Sleater-Kinney: Jumpers

4 minutes 30 seconds – 2005

This music video for Sleater Kinney follows a character as she plows through her mundane life while secretly using office supplies to build her escape pod.


Arthur & Yu: Afterglow

3 minutes 45 seconds – 2007 – Sub Pop

Afterglow, by Arthur & Yu, from the album In Camera


YACHT: See a Penny (Pick It Up)

3 minutes 45 seconds – 2007

This music video for YACHT chronicles the day-in-the-life of a penny who gets lost and has to face the world all by himself.



16mm on video – 22 minutes – 2004

Towlines is an experimental documentary that explores the visual characteristics of the maritime industry and pays homage to these great workhorses.


American Nutria

Digital video – 11 minutes – 2003

Nutria are a large, odd looking rodent from Argentina that were imported to the United States by the fur industry in the 1930’s and 40’s. Now, 60+ years after their introduction to North America, they appear to be on track to eating the entire continent.  Nobody really knows how to get rid of them, but there have been some pretty interesting attempts…

Sincerely, Joe P. Bear

16mm – 4 minutes 30 seconds – 1999

Polar bears, ice queens, lost love… appropriated news clips from the 1960’s combine with hand-painted film to tackle the momentous issue of how polar bears cope with heartbreak and rejection.

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