The Great Northwest (Bluray DVD)

70 minutes – 2012 – first printing limited to 100 units

“The Great Northwest retraces a 3,400-mile road trip taken by four single thirtysomething women back in 1958—think On the Road meets an Eisenhower-era Sex and the City. McCormick found the women’s hyper-detailed travel journal at a thrift store and set off in their footsteps and tire tracks 53 years later, juxtaposing shots of the journal (photos, motel receipts, national and state park passes) with present-day shots of the same sweeping vistas. There’s a melancholy tinge to the piece: Where kitschy, old-school motor lodges once stood, a U.S. Bank branch now crowds alongside a supermarket and parking lot, and you wonder what happened to the women themselves.  These emotional undercurrents, along with spectacular cinematography and wisely restrained storytelling, make The Great Northwest a film that will awe—and quite possibly choke up—anyone who loves the green-tinted paradise we call home.”

Richard Speer, The Willamette Week

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