From Tugboats to Polar Bears (DVD)

85 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 12 – DVD – 2004

“Matt McCormick makes films that combine found and original sounds and images to fashion abstract and witty observations of contemporary culture.” In Towlines, which features an original soundtrack by James Mercer, Matt explores the role of the tugboat in modern society, while in American Nutria he examines the plight of an imported species and chastises capitalism’s tendency to create its own disasters. The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal makes the observation that the process of destroying one art form unwittingly creates another, while The Vyrotonin Decision, created with scraps of 16mm television clips from the early 70’s, reflects on some the advertising world’s more embarrassing moments.  DVD includes Towlines (2004), Grounded (2004), American Nutria (2003), Past and Pending (2003), The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal (2001), Going to the Ocean (2001), The Vyrotonin Decision (1999) and Sincerely, Joe P. Bear (1999)

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