(Archival / Various Artists) – 140 minutes – Other Cinema – DVD – 2005

What The 70s Really Looked Like, Curated by Matt McCormick and Morgan Currie, is a media-archaeological treasure trove of 16mm commercials, PSA’s, and TV ephemera from that delirious decade of polyester and smiley faces. From the classic iconography of the Marlboro Man to the absurd pitches for Jack LaLanne’s “Glamour Stretchers”, this outrageously retro review of funky, clunky clips offers more than campy fun. In fact, it allows us precious insight into a lost, impossibly innocent world of fondly remembered looks, styles, and attitudes, from way back in the good ol’ 20th Century. (plus) 70s Remix, Curated by Craig Baldwin and Noel Lawrence. The B-side of our disc is an amazing display of “recombinant” editing and audio design. Six of today’s savviest celluloid scavengers take disposable industrial and educational films, and recycle them into uncanny collages, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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